Worth the wait

YouTube pre-rolls

As part of giffgaff’s wider 2017 campaign, the popular mobile trendsetters wanted to produce some fun and engaging content for their social channels that would capture the imagination and drive consideration for the brand.

With YouTube ads, most viewers want to click the ‘SKIP AD’ button as soon as they can, so our challenge was to create something interesting enough for viewers to stay until the end, playing on giffgaff’s ‘Free to Go, Free to Stay’ campaign messaging.

What we did was concept and film a series of insanely irreverent scenarios in super slow-motion at 50,000 frames a second, using a Phantom Flex camera to build anticipation for an almighty climax just after the skip ad button appears.

To register a public view we had to make them stay for 12 seconds and we did 4.6 million times.