24 hours in Copenhagen

Interactive video player

If you had 24hrs in Copenhagen, what would you do and how would it look? That was the question posed to us by online travel gurus, Expedia. They wanted to change the way in which people decide where to go on their travels – by giving them the closest look possible at a potential destination, and transporting them straight to the location.

The thing is we didn’t know anything about Copenhagen.

To build the video we reached out to Copenhagen’s local experts and influencers to ask them to recommend their favourite food, culture and nightlife hotspots. Those places were then captured carefully on film, with the team shooting and curating from a first person perspective, giving the viewer a full sense of their ‘live’ surroundings.

To bring this vision to life, we teamed up with production agency Archer’s Mark and director Robin Mason to create a fully interactive video Shot in a first person POV that allowed users to create their very own travel experience.

We gave the users five scenarios with two options for each to choose from, taking them from a cafe breakfast all the way through to midnight cocktails.

Along the way we tracked what the users clicked to create a personal itinerary for them at the end.

01 - Explore some more

Each location that was selected by the viewer could then be researched further.

02 - Keep a record

You could email yourself the itinerary and forward on to others.

03 - Why wait BOOK NOW!

You could go ahead and book your weekend straight away.

04 - Have another go

There was a total of 52 possible scenarios which let people go back and play around again.

We got an
award for this

No biggie.