To coincide with TSB’s most recent TV campaign, we were tasked with taking their previously illustrated creative (along with character, Henry the Dog) and producing an interactive masthead to be placed on the YouTube homepage.

In the original TV ad, Henry’s master throws a stick for him to fetch, which he faithfully keeps returning – only each time he fetches it back, the stick gets bigger and bigger.  To keep things interactive and fun, we wanted the user to be able to throw the stick for Henry.

To do this we worked carefully (and tirelessly) to duplicate and manipulate each of the original hand drawn elements, editing them down into a frame by frame sequence sheet – a painstaking task that required great attention to detail. Breaking the assets down like this though, meant that we didn’t have to use any video elements throughout the creative, making the banner fully functional across multi-platforms.

Once everything was in place, we worked with a HTML5 game engine to bring Henry to life and provide full interaction.

Despite its detailed hand-coded build process, the final creative came in at a ‘lightweight’ 2MB, with no editors used at all – and Henry looked great.

Agency:  Joint
Medium: Digital OLA