Michael Kors Email Campaigns

For the launch of their brand new Regent Street flagship store, luxury fashion label Michael Kors approached us with the intention of creating a timely email campaign to help build conversation and excitement in the run up to the store’s big opening. With the content of the campaign focussing around three male influencers and MK advocates from across Europe, the brand shot a beautiful and engaging short film capturing the guys on their travels whilst showcasing various MK products.

Client: Michael Kors
Medium: Email Campaign




The challenge then, was utilising that fantastic footage as part of an email campaign that would work as fluidly on mobile as it does desktop.

Always daring to be bold and push the creative, we instantly began looking at ways of implementing full video playback through email. Despite many outlets and agencies collectively steering clear of video embedding because of the issues and difficulties involved, we successfully engineered a back end hosting system that maximised playback quality for both mobile and desktop.

The result was a world first for Michael Kors who had never included video in their e-comms before, and a project first for us that more and more of our clients want to try for themselves.