L’Oreal are famous for creating some of the best skincare products in the world. To connect with their fast paced, mobile savvy travel audience, they needed a dynamic piece of software that was consumer focused, but also quick and simple for retail and pharmacy staff to use and maintain. BIG created SKIN ALERT; an interactive digital communication platform, mixing real time geo-targeting display data with clean and simple product recommendations, giving clients the ability to push products around the world with the click of a button.


We were briefed to use existing L’Oreal digital real estate, in this case LCD screens located at 26 “Derma Centre” destinations globally, and then build a generic solution for rollout accordingly. The application, created by our team of talented software engineers, would pull in a range of weather data including UV index and air pollution details from around the world, as well as flight departure information via Flight Stats for our airport based concessions. Whenever the index reaches a critical point, the custom system would then advise customers how to take precaution (with the correct L’Oreal Skin Care product). 

After rigorous testing, a final version of the software was ‘pre-installed’ onto a micro computer stick, to then be plugged directly into the HDMI port of the digital screens and connect to the internet, either via WiFi or by our own custom 3G/4G created network.

Each morning when the stick boots up, it pulls in a 24 hour feed of flight, weather and pollution data which caches into the system. It then continues to pull in stats, on the hour every hour, to allow for extreme weather changes and flight delays. If for any reason the stick loses connectivity, it reverts to the cached date to ensure that something is always on screen.



The application can be remotely updated by the L’Oreal team through a custom Global Asset Management System (GAMS) or alternatively on site and interactively by the customer via a tablet interface.

The end result is a highly functional, totally editable piece of software, and a platform that has the future potential to expand even further – potentially incorporating other interactive features like boarding pass scanners, live in-store product searching, and gender facial recognition.