As part of giffgaff’s wider 2017 campaign, the popular mobile trendsetters wanted to produce a series of fun and engaging content for social channels that would both capture the imagination and drive consideration for the brand.

One of those channels was YouTube, and we were excited to take on the tricky task of creating some unique, and most importantly, watchable Pre-Roll videos (the short ads that play before videos on YouTube). This would also be our creative debut in film, and our first ever shoot.

With YouTube ads, most viewers want to click the ‘SKIP AD’ button as soon as they can, so our challenge was to create something interesting enough for viewers to stay until the end, playing on giffgaff’s ‘Free to Go, Free to Stay’ campaign messaging.

Client: giffgaff
Medium: Film, YouTube Pre-rolls

Viewers are presented with the ‘Skip Ad’ button after just 6 seconds, but they must watch for
at least 12 seconds for YouTube to register it as an official ‘view’.

We wanted to create something bright, fun and irreverent (and slightly silly) to compliment giffgaff’s tone of voice, but it also had to be visually striking and impactful, which meant our set designs and materials would all need to be carefully selected in line with giffgaff’s branding and style.

What we delivered in the end was five short films depicting five different scenes unfolding that viewers simply would not want to miss the end of. Cleverly however, the scenes were shot in super slow-motion, so that the incredibly satisfying endings to each scene had to be waited for – teasing the viewers into watching further.

Using such random materials as a bowling ball, a milkshake, a bunch of water balloons and a cactus (to name a few), we created some ridiculously weird and wonderful scenarios, each with an explosive climax at the end that you just couldn’t take your eyes off.

Working with talented production house, La Familia, we shot each film in ultra high-definition, at over 1k frames per-second to capture the satisfying slow-mo action in incredible detail.