Giffgaff’s community forum is a place where their thousands of members can interact with one another to discuss anything they like, from mobile phone hints and tips, to their own personal hobbies and interests.

Over time, the community moderators noticed that users were often creating and uploading their own visual artworks across the forums – sometimes just to share something purely artistic, but more often to create helpful and informative diagrams and ‘step by step’ guides to help each other with phone related issues.  The team were pleased to see users engaging with the forum in this way, but wanted all of the content being created to have a slightly more branded and uniform feel to it, whilst still encouraging user creativity.
What we designed and built, was ‘giffgaff Studio’ –  a completely bespoke and inclusive online platform for users to sign up to, and create their own unique artworks for whatever purpose they desire. The Studio tool provides users with a variety of customisable templates for them to edit, along with a range of editing tools and art working elements, as well as the ability to input and manipulate text and images. Or if they prefer, a simple blank canvas to create their own masterpieces.

The software lets users take advantage of all of the standard editing features that are prevalent among most social media platforms today – and importantly, functions perfectly on both mobile and desktop formats.
The software has seen hundreds of individual artworks created, and an overall increase in engagement on the
community forums.