One of our first forays into print media, giffgaff’s consideration campaign aimed at new students presented us with the nostalgic task of going back to ‘freshers’ week’. To accompany a free giffgaff SIM card – presented to over 300, 000 new students as part of freshers’ week 2015 – we partnered with both giffgaff and student survival pack providers, ‘HelloU’, to design 2 house-warming gifts to help students settle into their new surroundings: an entirely bespoke set of 52 playing cards, carefully combining giffgaff’s intricate branding artwork throughout the deck, and a beautiful ‘assemble and keep’ Origami Cactus, to create the ultimate university house plant (no watering required).

Client: giffgaff
Medium: Print, Digital out of Home & Online Advertising


cards_newflyer_newcards1_new cards2_new

Giffgaff’s objective was not only to drive activation of the free SIM cards, but also to retain the future usage of the students who signed up. Taking this on board, we provided a carefully considered tone of copy, highlighting the brand’s friendly ‘helping hand’ spirit.

cactus_new cards3_new flyer2_newtv