At giffgaff, Halloween is considered more important than Christmas.  Each year the brand comes into its own and delivers an outstanding creative that captures the imagination and creates a buzz.

2016 was no different, as they produced their own short horror film dubbed ‘Escape the Nightmare’. The spooky short included a classic female lead on the run from a slew of classic horror characters, representing the ‘nightmare of mobile phone contracts’.

Using their spooky creative, we produced a series of Facebook Canvasses and Snapchat adverts to help promote the ‘Escape’ message and generate interactivity.

The first canvas included a  mash-up of the film’s scariest scenes, while the second canvas was our own creation; ‘The Nightmare Calculator’.  Users were invited to hold their thumb on screen, while intricate ‘fear sensing technology’ scanned their print to help calculate the user’s worst fears. After demanding the user to “Press harder!”, the screen eventually cracks and shatters in the user’s hand, revealing a creepy crawly nightmare…

Client: giffgaff
Medium: Halloween 2016, Social Media Activations and Experiential

As part of their wider campaign, we also created and installed a GIF Booth at their Halloween pop-up salon in Soho, where people came along to get their spooky make-up jobs done before going out to party for Halloween.





The digital activation went on to score high numbers of user interactions across Facebook and Snapchat, and the pop-up salon scored coverage with the Daily Mail and the Evening Standard.

As a finishing touch we also helped dress the pop-up salon with a number of spooky display signs and window graphics.