What makes giffgaff uniquely separate from other mobile networks, is the fact that its members are at the core of everything they do.  There are no customer support lines or local branches for customers to pop in to – instead everything is handled online by giffgaff’s very own members.

The community forum boards found on giffgaff’s website are where the network’s customers welcome, interact with, and regularly help and assist each other with any phone related query. And it’s within this community that a number of ‘super user’ members dedicate hours upon hours of their own time towards helping newer users get the most out of the giffgaff world.

In recognition of these super members and the commitment they put in, giffgaff set up an online awards platform to run annually, where people could vote for members in a number of categories, and give them some much deserved shine and appreciation.  The current model for these awards however was relatively small in scale, and needed more structure in its format and brand – and so we were delighted for the opportunity to rethink and redesign the entire platform for 2016.



Over a 3 month period we delivered a series of different assets, all possessing our newly created brand identity for the ‘Run by You Awards’.  This started with a central hub site for the celebrations that was delivered in 2 phases: the first phase, which displayed the various award categories and the names of everyone nominated for that award, and then the second phase which revealed the winners after a week long countdown on the homepage came to an end. The page was fully interactive, encouraging members to leave comments on each section, and was compatible across mobile, tablet and desktop for accessibility.

To add some real sparkle though, we produced some completely personalised digital content for both the individual winners of each award and the nominees in each category.

Starting with the nominees, we worked closely with giffgaff’s community moderators to build up a profile of each member who was up for an award – we found out who they were, what their personality was like, and how they’d helped other people in the forum.  That info on each person contributed to the lyrics of four unique songs that we wrote and produced (one for reach category) with our own songwriter and vocalist and sound engineer working with live instrumentation. The result was four indie-rock styled tracks packed with thoughtful and funny lyrics which helped drum up anticipation for the awards in phase 1 of the website.




As the winners were revealed in phase 2, we produced a two minute long video celebrating each individual, packed with unique content and stories about that person. Each video was filled with fun, beautiful animations that tied in with the giffgaff brand style, and served as fitting tributes for each of the awarded members.

The new and improved platform proved to be a huge success, with high levels of engagement from members both old and new, and generated some truly positive feedback all round, with the awards being touted as ‘being brought up to a new level’, and ‘looking more professional and special than ever’.

giffgaff now have an established brand identity for their community awards, and the structure for a similar platform and delivery for the coming years.

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