For the release of GHD’s latest styling tool, the market leading brand wanted to include a memorable interactive element at their press launch that would not only showcase their new product in all its glory, but invite the industry guests in attendance to get involved and have some fun with too.

So, rather than just install a standard Photo Booth (which has become the norm at many pop-up and commercial events), we conceptualised and built a moving ‘GIF’ Booth installation that users were able to further interact with, and share online across all platforms.


The booth itself was custom built to house a laptop running our own GIF capturing software, HD camera and high quality printer, while the on screen user interface was custom designed to reflect the style and tone of GHD’s ‘Azores’ styling tools – named after the same tropical islands.

The image capturing software came with custom tropical overlays to further promote the brand elements on both the physical printouts and the moving GIFs, which could be sent immediately from the booth to the user’s phone, ready to post online.


The real fun we had however, was creating a custom ‘clicker’ for users to capture their photos with.  We took the Azores styling tongs and installed our own hardware, so that each time users clicked the tongs together, the system took a photo.  Not only was it a fun, interactive addition to the process, but it ensured that GHD’s latest product was in shot at all times.