Beefeater approached us with their own set of beautifully designed campaign assets with a view to creating a series of eye-catching OLA banners. With many intricate illustrations to choose from, we were able to better the video creatives resolution quality at a given file size. The banners also made clever use of sprite sheets and javascript code. This helped retain image quality whilst keeping the file size down within specs.

Agency: Joint / Beefeater
Medium: OLA Banners

Below is an example of a typical sprite sheet that was used in the 300×600 banner. Much like that of a flick book the sprite sheet contains each frame of the animation. By cycling through these quickly it gives the illusion of movement. By combining several of these images along with javascript code it was possible to keep the banners faithful to the original video creative.



Another example of a sprite sheet that was used within the 360×600:



These frames would animate over a fraction of a second. In total the 300×600 banner used ten of these sprite sheets and they varied in dimensions.